Using Budabot code in other projects

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Using Budabot code in other projects

Postby Tyrence » Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:16 pm

The Budabot project and the entire Budabot team proudly support and encourage open source software development. Budabot has benefited greatly from the work of others that was made available through open source software licenses, and we continue this tradition forward. We freely and openly allow anyone to take Budabot source code and use it for their own benefit provided they are in compliance with the GPL license that Budabot uses.

Part of the compliance of the GPL requires that all notices remain intact. This includes declarations of authors and attributions. I have seen on several instances code taken directly from Budabot and used in other projects without giving proper attribution to Budabot and the author(s) that wrote the code. This is disrespectful to all the developers who have submitted code to Budabot, and to all open source developers in general.

We ask that anyone that takes code from Budabot properly attribute the source and the authors who wrote that code. In particular, for other bots that are using Budabot code in their commands, we ask that authors are listed in the blob output of the command at the bottom with a format similar to this:

Ported from the Budabot !brawl command which was written by Imoutochan (RK1)

For commands that do not output a blob you may put the attribution in the help file instead.

This format for attribution is exactly the same format that Budabot follows when it includes source code from anyone outside of the Budabot Development Team and we thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

We appreciate all the people who have properly attributed code, and we appreciate all the many, many people who have submitted code to Budabot, without whose effort this bot would not be possible.
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