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Postby Team_Eli » Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:00 pm

Well, if this is the final release of Budabot, perhaps it's worth doing a Multibank again.

So, I've been pottering away, doing just that... multiple banks, multiple uploaders,
load from dropbox folders, bank menu's, display nano's by profession, implants by slot/ql,
miy's armor by slot, etc.

I'm on the tidy-up and documentation stage, and have a couple of people from 'The Returned'
helping me to idiot proof it...

A test version is running on buffmonkeys in game...

/tell buffmonkeys !bank menu (the simple method)

/tell buffmonkeys !bank browse (the 'fun' method)

for a look around. i don't guarantee the help files are that helpful though. :)

Once I'm happy, I'll post a zip here. Should be within a couple of days.



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