RelayBot and !online

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Would you like to be able to relay commands to other bots?

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RelayBot and !online

Postby BlueEagle » Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:27 pm


Our alliance consists of four guilds, each running their own version of BudaBot and intercommunicating with each other through a relay bot.

What we are missing is a function that will allow us to query !online on the other bots in the alliance.

Now, there are many ways of handling this. One, that I like, is to have the relay bot forward the !online command to the appropriate target bot, and relay the result back. This is probably the easiest approach, as it only requires changes to the online module and, if not already exist, command forwarding through relay bot.

Now I have not done dev on BudaBot, but I did do some on BeBot back in the day. I am not sure how BudaBot handles channels like guild chat, private chat, tells, system messages and so on. But I think that the easiest way to implement cross bot communications for commands is to define the relay bot as a separate channel. Even though this probably implemented as tell messages. It may add a layer of abstraction in order to pipe tell messages from bots to the relay channel and process the rest as regular tell channel.

One thing that will be gotten for free once the above is implemented is that you can allow other commands to be passed through to other guilds as well. I am thinking !logon, !alts etc. would be possible to relay through to other guilds for a more custom experience. Also, if a feature is disabled in one bot, but is enabled in another doing !recipe <item> [target] would not be impossible either, provided that [target] allows the command for the relay channel.

Please give your thoughts on why or why not this would be a good idea.

(PS: If this is a dupe, please let me know where I can find a similar post. I tried searching for "relay bot online", but the forum ignored all three words and left me without anything useful.)
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Re: RelayBot and !online

Postby Tyrence » Tue Oct 27, 2015 4:28 pm

For [probably] the majority of linked-bot environments, the bots are all hosted on the same server and can therefore share the db which allows !online to show people from all orgs. But of course there are some number of linked-bot environments where the bots are running on separate servers. I never found a good way to support both solutions generically which is why Budabot only supports the first option out of the box. In any case, it would be nice to have a solution for people in this circumstance. You may want to re-post this on the AO forums to see how much interest there is in it. Not many people will see it here since most people typically don't visit these forums unless they have an issue with their bot, which is few and far between these days.
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