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Postby Tyrence » Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:51 am

This is the first Release Candidate of Budabot 3.5. This release contains some bug fixes and some updates.

The last Budabot release was 3.4_GA which was released on Jan 5, 2016, which was nearly one and a half years ago. We anticipate 3.5_GA to be released within a few months.

Downloading the new version
You can find Budabot downloads here: https://github.com/Budabot/Budabot/releases

Note that GA versions will be marked with a green "Latest Release" tag while RC versions will be marked with an orange "Pre-release" tag.

Although this version has gone through lots of testing it is possible that there are still some bugs in the bot--if you happen to find any bugs or if you have any suggestions or improvements for the bot, please post on the Budabot forums so that we may help you and so that we may fix the problem for others.

Upgrading from a previous version
To upgrade from 3.4_GA, copy the database (/data/budabot.db) to the new bot before starting it. The config file format has not changed since 3.2_GA so you can copy it (/conf/config.php) from your current bot to the new bot (before starting it for the first time), or you can go through the setup wizard if you prefer.

If you use MySQL instead of SQLite, instead of copying /data/budabot.db you will just configure the new bot to use the same MySQL database as your current bot. If you go through the setup wizard on the new bot instead of copying the config file, choose "yes" when it asks if you if you want to setup the database manually, and then choose the options for your MySQL server.

We always recommend making a backup of your current bot (especially the database) before upgrading. We put forth a lot of effort to ensure that the upgrades happen without data loss. However, we would like to emphasize the importance of making backups before major upgrades such as this. You ignore this suggestion at your own risk.

If you are running a version of Budabot before 3.4_GA (this includes any 3.4_RC* versions), you should follow the instructions for upgrading to 3.4_GA first before you upgrade to 3.5_RC1.

If you follow these instructions, all settings, guests, admins, alts, quotes, news, etc. should be automatically imported into the new bot.

Changes (since 3.4_GA):
-renamed many core methods from snake-case to camel-case (this may break any 3rd party modules you have installed, but they should be easy to fix)
-dependencies now managed by composer
-fixed issue with caching lookup results
-removed !feedback due to low usage
-updated itemsdb to 18.08.22
-updated NANO_MODULE (thanks Saavick and Lucier)
-various bug fixes and code cleanups
-updated !whereis
-updated !implantdesigner
-fix for !penalty (thanks equi)
-!light is now a default alias for !guides light
-updated !boss and !bossloot with Abandoned Hope loot (thanks Nadyita)
-updated !about
-minimum cluster QL in !implant should now be more correct (thanks MDK)
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Budabot Releases and Downloads: https://github.com/Budabot/Budabot/releases

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