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Postby Tyrence » Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:25 am

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on RC4. The difference between RC4 and RC5 is pretty small, and we intend to release 3.0 GA after about two weeks of testing of RC5. After we release 3.0_GA we will make some fundamental core changes and improve the documentation for writing Budabot modules. We intend to release this next version as 3.1 around the time that the merge happens, if it happens.

Downloading the new version
As always, download this latest version of Budabot from here: http://code.google.com/p/budabot2/downloads/list

Upgrading from a previous version
To upgrade from 3.0_RC3 (or later) simply copy your /data/budabot.db and /conf/config.php files from the old bot to the new bot before starting the new bot. To upgrade from any other 3.0 version or from 2.3_GA, copy only the /data/budabot.db to the new bot before starting it, and then go through the setup wizard again to set the username, password, etc. We always recommend keeping a backup of your current bot when upgrading. If you use MySQL instead of SQLite, instead of copying /data/budabot.db you will just point the bot to the MySQL database.

If you upgrade from 2.3_GA or later and follow these instructions, all settings, guests, admins, alts, quotes, news, etc. should remain intact and be available in the new version.

Other info
1) we now provide both a Windows-specific and a Linux-specific download

2) the Botmanager that Marebone wrote is now included with the bot (run botmanager.exe on Windows or botmanager.sh on Linux)

3) in order to fix one of the issues with !help that Shelly identified I had to use the GROUP_CONCAT SQL function. This function exists in MySql, and also in SQLite version 3.5.4 and later. If you run Budabot on Linux using SQLite and !help stops working, then likely your version of SQLite is not new enough. If this is the case, please make a post and I will explain what your options are.

The 2.3_GA version has been deprecated since 3.0_RC4 because I feel that the 3.0 version is now equal to or better than 2.3_GA in terms of stability, and exceeds it in terms of functionality. But note that this is still a Release Candidate. That means that it is basically a beta version and although we have tried to iron out all the bugs, it is likely we didn't get them all. If you run into any problems while using this, please post on the forums so that we may help you and so that we may fix the problem.

Changes (since RC4):
-added !play, !players, and !findprof commands (thanks Naturarum (RK2))
-added WEBUI_MODULE for viewing the bot console from a web browser (Marebone (RK2) wrote this piece)
-added core COLORS module for configuring bot colors (!config COLORS)
-!settings is now in the core CONFIG module
-removed !namehistory since !whois already shows name history
-added !guides light and !guides gos (thanks DrUrban (RK1))
-added !shop for searching for items posted to the shopping channels
-added !gauntlet (available for RK2 only - thanks Macross (RK2))
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Budabot Releases and Downloads: https://github.com/Budabot/Budabot/releases

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