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Budabot Patch Release for Merge - Read this

Postby Tyrence » Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:20 am

We have created a patch release that will connect to the new server AND do lookups correctly.

Windows version: http://budabot.jkbff.com/builds/Budabot ... _win32.zip
Linux version: http://budabot.jkbff.com/builds/Budabot ... _linux.zip

To upgrade from a previous version you must already be using a 3.0 version or 2.3 GA. Simply copy data/budabot.db and conf/config.php files from your current bot install to the new one, and then open config.php with a text editor and change your server number to server '5':

Code: Select all

$vars['dimension']  = 5;

If you are using a version of Budabot before 3.0 RC3 then copy your database file only and do not copy your config file. When your bot starts it will take you through the setup wizard again.

Following this procedure will keep all your settings, alts, guests, quotes, etc but it is always a good idea to make a copy of your database file before doing this.

FC has not released any info specifying that this will continue to work so it may still break in the near future.
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