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Postby Tyrence » Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:24 pm

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on all the 3.0 RC versions. This version contains a number of fixes, improvements, and new commands over Budabot 2.3 GA. In addition, this version contains all the patches necessary to run on RK5 (the merged server).

Downloading the new version
As always, download this latest version of Budabot from here: http://code.google.com/p/budabot2/downloads/list

Upgrading from a previous version
To upgrade from 3.0_RC3 (or later) simply copy your /data/budabot.db and /conf/config.php files from the old bot to the new bot before starting the new bot. To upgrade from any other 3.0 version or from 2.3_GA, copy only the /data/budabot.db to the new bot before starting it, and then go through the setup wizard again to set the username, password, etc. We always recommend keeping a backup of your current bot when upgrading. If you use MySQL instead of SQLite, instead of copying /data/budabot.db you will just point the bot to the MySQL database.

If you upgrade from 2.3_GA or later and follow these instructions, all settings, guests, admins, alts, quotes, news, etc. should remain intact and be available in the new version.

Other info
1) we now provide both a Windows-specific and a Linux-specific download

2) the Botmanager that Marebone wrote is now included with the bot (run botmanager.exe on Windows or botmanager.sh on Linux)

3) in order to fix one of the issues with !help that Shelly identified I had to use the GROUP_CONCAT SQL function. This function exists in MySql, and also in SQLite version 3.5.4 and later. If you run Budabot on Linux using SQLite and !help stops working, then likely your version of SQLite is not new enough. If this is the case, please make a post and I will explain what your options are.

This is a General Availability Release. This means that this bot has passed all our testing and we, the Budabot team, feel that is it ready for general public use. It is possible that there are still some bugs in the bot--if you happen to find any bugs or if you have any suggestions or improvements for the bot, please post on the forums so that we may help you and so that we may fix the problem for others as well.

Changes (since 2.3 GA):
-changes relating to server merge
-chatbot.sh now accepts an optional bot name as a parameter
-added !ladder
-!inits and !specials are now combined into !weapon
-added WEBUI_MODULE for viewing the bot console from a web browser
-added core COLORS module for configuring bot colors (!config COLORS)
-!settings is now in the core CONFIG module
-removed !namehistory since !whois already shows name history
-added !guides light and !guides gos (thanks DrUrban (RK1))
-added !shop for searching for items posted to the shopping channels
-added !gauntlet (thanks Macross (RK2))
-renamed !kickuser to !kick and !inviteuser to !invite
-!nano and !pb now have "enhanced search" capabilities (along with !items)
-!notes are now shared between alts
-fix some memory leaks
-added some common command aliases
-bot should no longer pause when downloading large files from external resources or doing !orglist
-added Xan bosses to !whereis, !boss, and !bossloot
-!boss and !bossloot now include Inferno static bosses (thanks to Mansikka (RK1) for this suggestion)
-improved items db rip and updated to items db to 18.06.00
-!items now shows exact matches first in the results, and shows a message when results have been limited (thanks to Deathmaster1 (RK2) for this suggestion)
-nearly all commands and events (including core commands and events) are now configurable
-mods and admins can no longer configure commands that require an access level higher than their own to execute
-added 'tell_error_msg_type' setting to control how the bot responds when a limit check fails
-added 'tell_min_player_age' setting for specifying the minimum age a player must be to send a tell to the bot
-!afk now shows how long someone has been afk for in !online list and when they come back
-improved support/integration for Dnet
-color settings should now affect most modules and commands
-budatime now accepts months (mo) and years (y)
-!usage now breaks down usage by channel
-several fixes and improvements for !whatbuffs
-!orglist can now search on orgname or player name and will return results even faster on most bot setups
-timer events can now be called reliably every second
-removed !fp since AO now shows this information in the nano crystal description
-fixed some issues with VENTRILO_MODULE
-!banorg now works correctly
-various fixes for MySQL
-build now includes botmanager
-!server now estimates the number of players online (this is currently broken until FC restores probes.xml)
-improved alias handling with parameters
-!help module_name will now show all help files for the specified module
-added core PROFILE module (!profile) for saving and loading bot configuration profiles
-converted IRC_MODULE and BBIN_MODULE to use SmartIRC for IRC support
-added !usage player to show usage for a particular player
-added setting 'relaysymbolmethod' for controlling whether the relay symbol relays or does not relay messages
-modules are now declared and defined using an OO approach with annotations
-PHP supported/required version increased to 5.3
-fix for logoff spam in org chat when the bot restarts
-added a new and improved BotManager (gui)
-!aou once again works (removed some guides in !guides that were adequately represented with !aou)
-added !recipe
-added !rally
-logging now goes to a single file by default
-added !towerstats
-added !nanoloc
-added !showcommand
-removed !kos and replaced with !reputation
-removed BIOR_GUARDIAN_MODULE and WAITLIST_MODULE due to low usage
-various fixes for IRC relay
-people in IRC now show up in !online
-the bot will now respond to commands from the irc channel (if access is set to 'all')
-modules can now set a priority for messages sent from the bot
-added !macro (to execute multiple commands at once)
-!opentimes now groups by org and shows total ct ql for each org
-error message now distinguishes between "unknown command" and "access denied"
-!whois now deals with current data, !lookup deals with data from name_history
-fixed LIMITS check
-added core API_MODULE (to allow remote management of bot)
-added setting 'xml_timeout' to control how long to wait for a response from xml servers
-updated nanos db with nanos from recent patches
-$db->query() now returns the resultset
-added prepared statement support to DB.class.php
-added $db->queryRow() for returning the first row from the resultset
-!cmdsearch now replaces !searchcmd; !searchcmd is now a default alias for !cmdsearch
-news items can now be stickied
-consolidated !nlline and !nlprof into !nanolines
-consolidated !impql and !impreq into !implant, which now displays its output on one line
-removed default aliases: !alt, !leproc, !event, !mission, !onlineorg, !fast, !fa, !timer, !battle
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Budabot Releases and Downloads: https://github.com/Budabot/Budabot/releases
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Re: Budabot3.0_GA_build1303251942

Postby Teeko » Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:30 am

-removed !kos and replaced with !reputationreputation
-added !gauntlet (available for RK2 only - thanks Macross (RK2))

!reputation* and theres only rk5 now :)

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