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This is the first GA release since 3.0_GA which was released more than a year ago (shortly after server merge). Note that while there was a 3.1 version, there was no 3.1 release.

Downloading the new version
The download location for Budabot has changed. From now on you can find Budabot downloads here: https://github.com/Budabot/Budabot/releases

Note that GA versions will be marked with a green "Latest Release" tag while RC versions will be marked with an orange "Pre-release" tag.

In the past we provided both a Windows-specific and a Linux-specific download. For this release, there is only one file and it will run on both Windows and Linux (Budabot3.2_RC2.zip).

This is a Generally Available release. "Generally Available (GA), also know as Production releases, are stable, having successfully passed through all earlier release stages and believed to be reliable, free of serious bugs, and suitable for use in production systems." (http://www.pythian.com/blog/what-does-g ... lity-mean/) Although this version has gone through lots of testing it is possible that there are still some bugs in the bot. If you happen to find any bugs or if you have any suggestions or improvements for the bot, please post on the forums so that we may help you and so that we may fix the problem for others as well.

Upgrading from a previous version
To upgrade from 3.0_GA or later, copy only the database (/data/budabot.db) to the new bot before starting it, and then go through the setup wizard again to set the username, password, etc. Since the config file has changed slightly, we do not recommend copying it from the old bot.

If you use MySQL instead of SQLite, instead of copying /data/budabot.db you will just configure the bot to use the MySQL database when you start the bot and go through the setup wizard (choose "yes" when it asks if you if you want to setup the database manually).

We always recommend making a backup of your current bot before upgrading.

If you are running a version of Budabot before 3.0_GA (this includes any 3.0 RC versions), you should follow the instructions for upgrading to 3.0_GA first before you upgrade to 3.2_GA.

If you follow these instructions, all settings, guests, admins, alts, quotes, news, etc. should be automatically imported into the new version of the bot.

Changes (since 3.0_GA):
-fixed various typos and bugs
-!rally, !assist, and !heal will no longer spam 3x in private channel
-bot should now better detect when an HTTP request fails prematurely (such as when downloading the org roster)
-bot will now parse "defence shield disabled" messages properly
-!news items are marked as deleted instead of actually being deleted from the database
-various changes to allow better integration and customization by third party modules
-!scout and !forcescout can now accept pasting the ct blob info
-updated text.mdb so that bot can correctly interpret org msg messages
-merged !is into !whois
-new installations will have a slightly updated color scheme
-removed !tellall due to low usage
-removed !credz
-removed !doh
-removed !capxp due to low usage
-removed !mobloot due to low usage
-removed !orgranks due to low usage
-removed !spiritssen and !spiritsagi due to low usage
-removed !server since FC hasn't provided server info since merge
-saving profiles now includes command aliases
-limit checks can now notify private and guild channels of failed attempts
-!cmdlist can now optionally show commands based on specified access level
-fix so that cron events don't execute multiple times on startup
-removed !orgcities since all cities are now instanced
-!whatbuffs has been rewritten to provide many more items and includes nanos as well
-removed !buffitem
-core classes can now be overridden
-condensed some of the command output to be more succinct
-removed !reloadconfig
-added !usage cmd to see usage for a particular command
-added !implantdesigner (alias !impdesign) for building an implant set (based on iMatrix database) - thanks Capnsfix for the idea and help with the design
-!history should now work again and also show when a character is deleted
-enhanced WEBUI_MODULE (can now execute commands and see command output; can see up to 2000 lines of console history; up and down arrows for previous and next commands)
-merged !lastseen into !is
-!ladder now shows implant requirements
-!adminlist now shows online alts and includes guild admins (!adminlist all to see all admins and their alts regardless of online status)
-!aou all allows you to search the body of guides for matches
-added !findplayer
-updated to items db to 18.06.11
-!roll can now accept strings as possible roll values
-!weather should now work again
-users in !ts now sorted by channels
-added !heal clear and !assist clear
-combined all alias commands into !alias
-added setting 'add_member_on_join' to control whether the bot automatically adds players who !join the bot as members
-bot core rewritten to use namespaces (old modules will need to add 'use' declarations at the top of class files)

Note that extensive work has been done on this version to allow third party modules to override core bot functionality without actually changing core bot files. On request, I will make a post with an example showing some of the things that are now possible.

Also, we recommend that all third party modules be installed in extras/. You may need to create the folder first. Installing third party modules in this folder should make upgrading easier.

Lastly, if you have created any third party modules for Budabot that might be beneficial to other Budabot users, we invite you to post them on the forums under the "User Modules" section. If there are a lot of people who show interest in your module, we may ask you for permission to include it in the next release of Budabot.

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Budabot Releases and Downloads: https://github.com/Budabot/Budabot/releases

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