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Postby Tyrence » Fri Oct 14, 2011 8:48 pm

Budabot 2.3 RC3 is now available for download.

-updated text.mdb and items db to 18.04.10
-rewrote PRIV_TELL_LIMIT core module, renamed it to LIMITS, and removed !limits command (use !config limits)
-added !guides grafts
-removed !altsadmin export and !altsadmin import
-added 'guild_admin_rank' and 'guild_admin_access_level' settings to replace 'guild_admin_level' setting
-removed 'guildadmin' access level and changed all references to 'raidleader'
-added core USAGE module (!usage)
-added setting type 'time' which takes a budatime argument
-changed !bank char and !bank pack to !bank browse
-!inactivemem and !penalty now take the time argument in budatime
-removed setting 'guest_color_username' since it had no effect
-removed setting 'priv_req_general'--joining the private channel will be controlled by setting the access level of the !join command

Bug fixes:
-fix for !bio not identifying mutated bios
-logon message will be shown even if the bot can't get player info
-fixed error when trying to create log for a bot who's name was entered lowercase (linux)
-fixed some issues with !items not displaying correct items
-fix for !timers not accepting budatime arguments; when no name is specified, timer name is set to -the name of the sender now instead of "PrimTimer"
-fix so that !system now shows correct number of active events
-!system only displays peak memory usage when running on PHP 5.2.0 or later (to prevent crashing on earlier PHP versions)
-can now set access level for commands, subcommands, and help topics to 'member' using !config
-fix so that non-validated alts can only remove other non-validated alts
-fix for WHOIS_MODULE so that it does not record charids for characters who don't exist

Please see this thread regarding the new core USAGE module: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=846

Thanks to all who reported bugs or suggested features.

As always the new release can be downloaded from google code: http://code.google.com/p/budabot2/downloads/list
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Budabot Releases and Downloads: https://github.com/Budabot/Budabot/releases

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