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Postby Tyrence » Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:28 am

It's finally time! Budabot 2.3 GA is here. I'm definitely biased in the matter, but it is, without a doubt, the best Budabot we've ever released.

Many thanks go out to the ENTIRE Budabot team without which this release would not be possible. Also, many thanks to all the users who have tested, reported bugs, and given invaluable insight and suggestions. I am extremely happy with the progress that Budabot project has made and the community support we have gained over these nearly 2 years that I have worked with it. But the thing that I am most proud of is that this project is a project by the community, and so many people have contributed I honestly cannot list them all.

Anyway, on to the details. We've fixed quite a lot of bugs that existed in the 2.2 version. Almost all of them were small, but it is still a good feeling to have those fixed and working. We've also done more with the help system. There should be a help file for every command now. If you find a command without a help file, please tell us. Also, we've revamped the security module. You can enable the 'alts_inherit_admin' setting which means that all of a player's alts will receive the same access level as their main. You can also give access level based on org rank. For instance, you could have all Generals and above automatically get Moderator access on the bot. This works in conjunction with the 'alts_inherit_admin' setting, so with that setting enabled, all Generals and their alts would automatically be granted Moderator access.

We've also added several new commands including: !aou, !aospeak, !ofabweapons, !ofabarmor, !logoff, !penalty, !aliaslist, !orgcities, and !checkaccess and we've enhanced many of the existing commands to provide additional information.

Also, Budabot now tracks command usage (!usage) which tells you the most used commands and also the people who use the bot the most. By default, Budabot will submit these usage stats (command names only; no character or org names or anything that could be use to identify you) to the Budabot.com website once a day. You can disable this if you wish from the !config USAGE menu, however, we encourage you to leave it enabled as it helps the Budabot team determine which commands to focus on and which commands are not used. It is our intention to make this info public, so that you can see which commands are most used from all Budabot stats, however, this has not been done yet, but we will let you know when it happens.

As always, download from here: http://code.google.com/p/budabot2/downloads/list

Enjoy the bot! Let your friends know! Tell FC that they suck for me :-D

Changes (since 2.2_GA):
-updated text.mdb and items db to 18.04.12
-added !rtimers (repeating timers) and !timers view (intended to be used with aliases)
-removed join limits from the core LIMITS module
-added !aliaslist to show current aliases that are active on the bot
-added !logoff to set a logoff message (similar to setting a logon message with !logon) (thanks Rageballs (RK1) for implementing this)
-added several settings to specify colors for the IRC_MODULE
-various fixes and upgrades for BBIN_MODULE and IRC_MODULE
-added !namehistory
-updated !guides yalm (thanks JungleGeorge (RK2))
-added 'irc_password' setting to the IRC_MODULE (thanks Rosss (RK1))
-fixed some grammer/punctuation in the bot (thanks Arguru (RK2))
-changed !addnews and !remnews to !news add and !news rem respectively
-added 'version' setting to indicate the version of the bot that created the db
-when 'alts_inherit_admin' is enabled, the bot will now check the access level of the current character first, and then the main if the current character does not have access
-rewrote PRIV_TELL_LIMIT core module, renamed it to LIMITS, and removed !limits (use !config limits instead)
-added !guides grafts
-removed !altsadmin export and !altsadmin import
-added 'guild_admin_rank' and 'guild_admin_access_level' settings to replace 'guild_admin_level' setting
-removed 'guildadmin' access level and changed all references to 'raidleader'
-added core USAGE module (!usage)
-added setting type 'time' which takes a budatime argument
-added !penalty for showing orgs who have attacked recently and are in penalty (thanks Taylorka (RK2) for requesting)
-!ban now takes the time argument as "Buda-time" (eg. 1d4h6m32s)
-added option 'notify_banned_player' to control whether the bot sends a tell to a player when they are banned or unbanned from the bot
-some core commands are now configurable
-!neutnet on now accepts neutnet spams from the new Neutnet satellite bots (Neutnet15, Neutnet16)
-on logon, bot now notifies players if they have unvalidated alts
-added !aliaslist to show current aliases that are active on the bot
-added !logoff to set a logoff message (similar to setting a logon message with !logon) (thanks Rageballs (RK1) for implementing this)
-timed/cron events can now take an arbitrary time value (in Buda-time) (thanks Argufix (RK2) for requesting)
-added help files for various core commands
-moved !orghistory into GUILD_MODULE (ORG_HISTORY_MODULE no longer exists)
-fixed some issues when runninng Budabot on 64 bit linux (thanks Wirehead for reporting this)
-!settings change will now show the current value for colors
-!lastseen now takes alts into account
-fixed !eventlist
-added !orgcities to show coordinates for player cities
-!oe shows info for 50%, 25%. and 0% now in addition to 75% (thanks Mdkdoc420 (RK2))
-added CSP map guides to the GUIDES_MODULE (guides that start with 'info-')
-added !aospeak (!aospeak org, !aospeak all) which tells you who is in your org channel on the AOSpeak server (thanks Tshaar (RK2))
-TEAMSPEAK3_MODULE replaces TEAMSPEAK_MODULE (and provides TS3 support ofc; thanks Tshaar (RK2))
-added support for Dnet (!dnet enable/!dnet disable) (RK1 only)
-added !aou for searching for and viewing AO Universe guides from in game
-bot now announces in private channel any time someone adds themselves to a loot item (thanks Teknocrat (RK2) for requesting this)
-added settings to control how much org info (org and rank, rank, none) is displayed on the online list (thanks Raging (RK1) for implementing this)
-added setting 'first_and_last_alt_only' to control whether the bot always spams logon/logoff messages or only when the first alt logs on or the last alt logs off (thanks Hogwar (RK1) for suggesting this)
-!whois was moved to WHOIS_MODULE and now shows name history
-added 'allpackets' event type so modules can process packets directly if they wish
-RAFFLE_MODULE now shows reminders every minute on the minute and at 30 seconds (thanks Kinaton (RK1) for requesting this)
-rewrote BANK_MODULE which now imports csv files from AO Items Assistant (thanks Rosss (RK1) for requesting/testing this)
-'private_channel_cmd_feedback' and 'guild_channel_cmd_feedback' settings added to control whether the bot responds if a command doesn't exist (thanks Mdkdoc420 (RK2) for requesting this)
-IRC_MODULE should now match irc implementations of other bots and relay items links and messages between bots correctly
-fix for !attacks and !victory paging (thanks Mdkdoc420 (RK2))
-ALIEN_MODULE now contains !aiarmor, !aigen, !leprocs, !bio (can now handle multiple bios as once), and added new commands: !bioinfo, !ofabarmor, and !ofabweapons (thanks Mdkdoc420 (RK2), Wolfbiter (RK1))
-nearly all commands should have a help file now
-guides in the GUIDE_MODULE should page better now; fixed/updated some guides (thanks Raging (RK1) for requesting this)
-!logonadmin lets admins view, change, or clear another character's logon message (thanks Ross (RK1) for requesting this)
-!logs command lets you view the last 7000 characters of a log file from in game
-!checkaccess shows your effective access level, taking into account alts_inherit_admin setting
-updated !about to include people who I intended to add for the 2.2 release but forgot
-added Text::make_structured_blob() for more control over how blob windows are generated (thanks Raging (RK1))
-!timers can now take days as a time unit (thanks Mdkdoc420 (RK2))
-updated !fight, !ding, !doh (thanks Mdkdoc420 (RK2))
-fix for showing alts with !whois output (thanks Mdkdoc420 (RK2))
-!findorg, !whoisorg, and !history can now take an optional dimension parameter (thanks Mdkdoc420 (RK2) for requesting this)
-items db updated to 18.04.07
-moved ALTS module to be a core module; alts must now be validated with !altvalidate before they can inherit their main's access level (thanks Raging (RK1))
-added !fp for determining if a nano is usable in false profession (thanks Wolfbiter (RK1) for letting me use his code as reference)
-!13, !28, and !35 now display the correct items as multiloot (thank you Haku for reporting this)
-!executesql let's you run queries on your bot database directly from in game (superadmin only)
-!online now shows a default icon for characters where the profession is unknown
-ITEMS_MODULE no longer has support for Xyphos.com CIDB
-blob sizes should be calculated correctly now, possibly fixing several issues (thanks Raging (RK1))
-various other fixes
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